Developing and Contributing to Ibis

For a primer on general open source contributions, see the pandas contribution guide. The project will be run much like pandas has been.

Test environment setup

If you do not have access to an Impala cluster, you may wish to set up the test virtual machine. We’ve set up a Quickstart VM to get you up and running faster, see here.

Unit tests and integration tests that use Impala require a test data load. See scripts/ in the source repository for the data loading script.

Contribution Ideas

Here’s a few ideas to think about outside of participating in the primary development roadmap:

  • Documentation
  • Use cases and IPython notebooks
  • Other SQL-based backends (Presto, Hive, Spark SQL, PostgreSQL)
  • S3 filesytem support
  • Integration with MLLib via PySpark

Contributor License Agreements

While Ibis is an Apache-licensed open source project, we require individual and corporate contributors to execute a contributor license agreement to enable any copyright issues to be avoided and to protect the user base from disruption. This agreement only needs to be signed once.

We’ll use the same CLA’s that Impala uses: