ImpalaClient.create_table(table_name, obj=None, schema=None, database=None, external=False, force=False, format='parquet', location=None, partition=None, like_parquet=None)

Create a new table in Impala using an Ibis table expression. This is currently designed for tables whose data is stored in HDFS (or eventually other filesystems).

objTableExpr or pandas.DataFrame, optional

If passed, creates table from select statement results

schemaibis.Schema, optional

Mutually exclusive with expr, creates an empty table with a particular schema

databasestring, default None (optional)
forceboolean, default False

Do not create table if table with indicated name already exists

externalboolean, default False

Create an external table; Impala will not delete the underlying data when the table is dropped

locationstring, default None

Specify the directory location where Impala reads and writes files for the table

partitionlist of strings

Must pass a schema to use this. Cannot partition from an expression (create-table-as-select)

like_parquetstring (HDFS path), optional

Can specify in lieu of a schema


>>> con.create_table('new_table_name', table_expr)  # doctest: +SKIP