ImpalaClient.delimited_file(hdfs_dir, schema, name=None, database=None, delimiter=', ', na_rep=None, escapechar=None, lineterminator=None, external=True, persist=False)

Interpret delimited text files (CSV / TSV / etc.) as an Ibis table. See parquet_file for more exposition on what happens under the hood.

hdfs_dir : string

HDFS directory name containing delimited text files

schema : ibis Schema
name : string, default None

Name for temporary or persistent table; otherwise random one generated

database : string

Database to create the (possibly temporary) table in

delimiter : length-1 string, default ‘,’

Pass None if there is no delimiter

escapechar : length-1 string

Character used to escape special characters

lineterminator : length-1 string

Character used to delimit lines

external : boolean, default True

Create table as EXTERNAL (data will not be deleted on drop). Not that if persist=False and external=False, whatever data you reference will be deleted

persist : boolean, default False

If True, do not delete the table upon garbage collection of ibis table object

delimited_table : ImpalaTable