ImpalaTable.insert(self, obj=None, overwrite=False, partition=None, values=None, validate=True)

Insert into Impala table. Wraps ImpalaClient.insert

objTableExpr or pandas DataFrame
overwriteboolean, default False

If True, will replace existing contents of table

partitionlist or dict, optional

For partitioned tables, indicate the partition that’s being inserted into, either with an ordered list of partition keys or a dict of partition field name to value. For example for the partition (year=2007, month=7), this can be either (2007, 7) or {‘year’: 2007, ‘month’: 7}.

validateboolean, default True

If True, do more rigorous validation that schema of table being inserted is compatible with the existing table


>>> t.insert(table_expr)  # doctest: +SKIP

# Completely overwrite contents >>> t.insert(table_expr, overwrite=True) # doctest: +SKIP