ibis.schema(pairs=None, names=None, types=None)

Validate and return an Ibis Schema object

Ibis uses its own type aliases that map onto database types. See, for example, the correspondence between Ibis type names and Impala type names:

Ibis type Impala Type ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~ int8 TINYINT int16 SMALLINT int32 INT int64 BIGINT float FLOAT double DOUBLE boolean BOOLEAN string STRING timestamp TIMESTAMP decimal(p, s) DECIMAL(p,s) interval(u) INTERVAL(u)

pairs : list of (name, type) tuples

Mutually exclusive with names/types

names : list of string

Field names

types : list of string

Field types

schema : Schema


>>> from ibis import schema
>>> sc = schema([('foo', 'string'),
...              ('bar', 'int64'),
...              ('baz', 'boolean')])
>>> sc2 = schema(names=['foo', 'bar', 'baz'],
...              types=['string', 'int64', 'boolean'])